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South Australia, Australia

Grange 2012, Penfolds

Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz
W.S. 97/100
Producer's notes

Dense and imposing. Dark… RED! Unmistakably, it is what it is. In a word, Grange. (Almost) all unleashed immediately upon the first splash into the glass – exuberant, lifted, flamboyant. An aromatic ‘multi-cultural’ chromatogram brazenly unfolds: First, enticing barrel ferment formics and balsamics, spliced with soy, tomato puree, black olive and liquorice. Then, the exotics – wafts of tiramisu/mascarpone/zabaglione, replete with freshly roasted hazelnut and ground coffee beans. On the palate it is fresh and refined. Nervy. Red liquorice, gravy reduction flavours and black olive tapenade to the fore. And then, just so much more! Where to start? Compelling depth – weighty/voluminous/fleshy – structurally complete and even throughout. A radiant inner sheen, yet still assertive – a film encrusted with dusty, softened tannins that coat tongue. Great length. A loss of innocence, as sculptured oak (purity/clean) and a boundless array of red fruits, congeal into a darkened pool of (un)known and (un)savoury delights! Unashamedly and quite blatantly THE wine of this year’s Penfolds 2016 new releases! Enough said.